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Why did you hurt me?


Why did you hurt me? I was only 5 years old!

You, me, my sister & your little brother were playing – playing hide & seek. You pulled me in the bushes & pulled my pants down. You know I don’t even know what you did after that because I blocked it out-everything goes black after that! I’ve had therapy, counseling & everything else, but the memories won’t go away!

Why did you hurt me?

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Raped at 13


I was raped repeatedly within 1 week at age 13 and was told I was going over the border by the man who did this to me.

Molestation and rape should be talked about freely and repeatedly throughout Elementary school, Junior High and High school. This way child victims can feel comfortable telling on their perpetrators and getting help early on.

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It started with family


I was around six or seven years old and when I used to go to the half fields a.k.a my aunties house were everybody used to be there and when the adults used to leave to bingo and of my old cousin who was 16 or 17 called all the girls in the living room and he fingered me and his nails were really long and remember it hurting and one day when I was at the half fields I went across the streets to a relative’s house and one of the boys and told me to suck his dick and I don’t know why I did it out I didn’t know I didn’t really know what I was doing. Also I was twelve and I ran away from home in LA I was with my best friend and my sister and we went to some nomad guys house and one of them touched me and I was crying and my sister and my best friend just watched and didn’t do anything and he chocked me and told me he was gonna fuck the shit out of me and I was scared and crying and my pussy hurt and I couldn’t walk and one of his friends came in the room and tried to fuck me but I was crying and screaming and he left.

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Gang raped at gunpoint


I was gang raped at the age of 16 at gun point. There were 5 Filipino guys involved. I was scared and violated. I was already using but this made my drug and criminal addiction escalate. Over the years I have spoken to many times about it by force and choice. The more you release it, the better it gets and the easier it becomes. This class has made me become more grounded in believing in myself, letting go of my hostages, removing the shame and guilt, and accepting the past I know sharing my story earlier possibly could have changed the course of my life and prevented my going to jail. Having emotional support, trust, and respect of privacy has helped me overcome this on a way deeper level.

Thank you!

at the heart of many of our projects. As part of Open Heart Marketplace we will provide on-the-job training for victims. We also educate students at major universities about the perils of sex trafficking and sexual abuse.

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Women are like trees. When planted with love, confidence, dignity and respect their roots grow deep. They will be unshakable and brighten our future.

When left alone and undisturbed, the winds of self-expression and personal power will spring forth a forest full of women’s nature. These beautiful trees will mobilize and influence a new social impact throughout the planet.

With support and nourishment, these trees will live for generations to come. Their strength, power, beauty and light, will beam across our planet. When the light of sunrise peak through the forest, we know as empowered women, the TIME TO BREAK THE SILENCE has come.


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