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Volunteering has many rewards. Rewards for the people you are helping, rewards for yourself, and of course, rewards to society.

Helping victims of sexual abuse and sex trafficking regain their stolen dreams, giving them a voice, and supporting the re-emergence of their dignity is a gift worth giving.

Breaking the silence together by freeing the spirit from bondage and shame about our sexual abuse experience, and by healing the inner wounds through spoken words, is an experience worth experiencing.



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new blood

Projects like ours can always use new blood. We need people with a variety of backgrounds.

cool ideas

Fresh new ideas are the lifeblood of an organization like ours. What else can we do to rescue victims?

team work

Join a team of people with a wealth of knowledge in a variety of fields. Get a sense of purpose together.

"I stay in the “life” because I don’t have a skill.

Nobody will hire me knowing my past of being trafficked. I will never pass background check. I have a record at the police as prostitution/drug addict.

I am illiterate and can’t even fill out an application. Nobody at the workplace would understand my PTSD. I can’t work for minimum wage raising my kid. It cost a lot of money to buy food, clothes and send them to childcare, while I can earn fast money, selling my body.

As a child I had a dream... but that dream has been stolen by being trafficked, and now I don’t know how to start the process of bringing that dream back to life.

Doing things alone is overwhelming, therefore,
I need help, but there's no place to get help.”


Human Sex Trafficking is effecting San Diego in unthinkable ways. Even though youth are the most at risk and largely targeted demographic, some people believe that talking with young people about human sex trafficking is inappropriate because of their age. Working with Breaking The Silence Together has proven that concept wrong. Aliza Amar has a natural talent for sharing her experience, insight and passion and does so in a way that inspires youth to want to know more and to take action. She has worked with us on two separate projects and both times, we have had an overwhelming response from the youth in our programs. They feel empowered with new knowledge and motivated to do what they can to create an impact. As we continue to build out our youth development programming, we will definitely find ways to continue collaborating with Aliza and Breaking the Silence Together.

Tina Medina Program Officer Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice

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