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Our Mission is simple. Give the victims and survivors of sexual abuse and human trafficking their STOLEN DREAMS back. When victims’ stories are their secrets and those secrets become their shame, we only empower those who stole their dreams in the first place! That is especially true in a world where 90% of child sexual abuse victims know their abuser. Let’s break the silence together—speak up, un-bury the shame and give back those stolen dreams. We are convinced that you can only do that by BREAKING THE SILENCE TOGETHER.  Our vision includes safe havens, educational programs, mental health care, workforce development and guidance for these courageous voices on their path to becoming highly functioning, contributing members of society.


40.3 Million Victims of Human Trafficking Worldwide (per year)



Breaking the Silence Together is the brainchild of Aliza Amar, a rape victim, whose rape was recorded and distributed as porn.

It all happened when Aliza, who completed her 2 year military service in the Israeli Army, went on her first job interview in Tel Aviv.

After much torment, shame, and mental anguish, and years of therapy, Aliza finally decided to speak up and take her story public. That had a tremendous liberating and healing effect, and empowered her to become a passionate advocate for sexual abuse and trafficking victims. She helped change laws in Israel, and her public speaking inspired thousands of people to come out and share their stories as well — turning their battles into personal victories.

One of Breaking the Silence Together’s main goals is to raise awareness around sex crimes, and to educate people to help other victims and survivors to speak up. If we do that, it will foster open national debates around sex abuse and trafficking, and help shame the perpetrators rather than the victims. Another goal is to provide help to those victims and survivors so that they can once again become high functioning members of society.



aliza amar


Aliza survived years of childhood abuse and knows first-hand the trauma human sex trafficking causes. She is Founder and Executive Director of Breaking the Silence Together. Her mission and vision are to help restore the lives of those who have been caught-up in and traumatized by such a life.

In 2005 she organized and participated in a 500K cross-country bike ride to break her own silence and in 2006 a 160K walk in Israel to change the law in Israel.

She presently works with women at the San Diego County Las Colinas Jail and with teenage girls at Girls Rehab Facility, sharing with them her process of healing and making sure they know it’s possible for them too, through her years of developing a spiritual path to joy, peace and deep love for life.

Through her work, Aliza has been able to engage with world leaders such as: H.H the Dalai Lama (the leader of the Tibetan community in exile), Mae Chee Sansanee (Thai Buddhist nun), and Shimon Peres the ex-president of Israel.

Aliza is in the process of opening Open Heart Thrift Store in San Diego allowing the hire and training of women coming from trafficking and prostitution. Her intention is to facilitate the opening of other stores nation-wide.

Aliza is also an occasional poet.


michael angelo camacho

chairman of the board

Michael Angelo is a nonprofit professional with solid experience in finance, development, and community relations.

He specializes in implementing processes that foster transparent, accurate, and compliant financial reporting, and has a keen eye for aligning organizational strategies with constituent needs. Michael Angelo also has experience in deploying fundraising strategies for start-up nonprofits such as the Catholic Community Foundation, Catholic Young Adult Sports, and Children of the Immaculate Heart.

With top-tier relationships across a broad range of sectors in San Diego, Michael Angelo has been involved in evidence-based program design, strategic planning, financial analysis, resource development, and civic engagement. His portfolio of past and current client organizations include: Dreams for Change, the YMCA, Kids Included Together, and Reality Changers.

Michael Angelo earned an M.A. in Nonprofit Leadership and Management from the University of San Diego's School of Leadership and Education Sciences.

In his free time, Michael Angelo plays in the ocean, watches live performances, and listens to music. 


bob sher

vice chair

Bob Sher has been a leader in the document management, printing and business process improvement business for over 40 years. He’s worked for companies large and small and led teams that have developed international programs resulting in improved efficiencies.

Currently he’s the General Manager of the West Coast Operations for the country’s oldest and second largest producer of envelopes. He is also co-chair of the Southwest California Manufacturing Council and
active in suppose rating local business community initiatives.


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